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Strategic Alignment: The right questions
  • Is your leadership team fully aligned with what your business aims to deliver?

    • Are you absolutely 100% certain about that?

    • Is it safe to discuss areas of disagreement, or does everyone just comply?

    • Do they know why the organisation exists?

    • Are they clear on how they can deliver your strategic imperatives?

  • Are they even clear on the difference between vision and mission, or mission and strategy?

  • Do you have real strategic alignment across the business?

  • And do all of your employees understand how their work contributes to the bigger picture?


These are just a few of the vital questions that don’t get asked in business because we are all too busy doing the business to check if we all agree on what ‘the business’ actually is.

Based on 25+ years of facilitating executive teams, we have devised a library of questions for testing clarity, understanding and buy-in which can help to identify areas of concern in a safe and respectful way.

Starting with Simon Sinek “Why, not what”, we work through a profound purpose audit with the top team, facilitating gently and respectfully to elicit any and every area of confusion, dissent, cannibalisation and sabotage.  At the end of this event, we will return to you a leadership team 100% aligned with the business goal.

The benefits of this programme will support your performance management process, your likely success at managing and implementing wider organisational change, the quality and quantitative of communication, and the effectiveness of your leadership. In fact, you cannot hope to achieve a high performance culture without asking these questions which are so crucial to your success.

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