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Benefits of the Catapult leadership programme

In these exciting times of challenge and change, staff look to leaders to provide strong and authentic direction. Our leadership development programme covers a number of themes identified as being critical to high impact leadership. We work with your leadership team, facilitating learning and helping them to increase their self awareness and personal presence, giving them insight as to their true nature and motivations. This will provide them with the solid personal foundation and technical skill-sets to lead teams, departments and organisations into the future.

A selection of the themes covered by our programmes:

• Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
• Engaging Hearts & Minds – symbolic leadership action
• Personality profiling (MBTI and FIRO)
• Authentic personal styles
• Building a strengths-based organisation
• Communication and change

Managing performance for lasting improvement

Experience has shown us that our executive development programmes can integrate well with your own management development training, but also work well as an external programme where candidates can permit themselves a greater degree of personal honesty.

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